Yoga, Meditation & Tarot with Inbal

Happy body, bright mind, peaceful spirit.

My wife and I love Inbal’s Tuesday and Thursday 6:45 power yoga class. We’ve been doing yoga at different studios I’ve the last 20 year and agree that her mix of warmth, solid and clear directions, pushing us gently but firmly towards better practice is top notch.
— Roger via Google Reviews
Inbal is amazing. I am stunned sometimes by the clarity and nuance of her instruction. She has a very soothing, flowing way of moving us through positions. I like the pacing of all the classes I’ve taken so far — we are working, but it’s not pushy. Highly recommend.
— Jen
I’ve had two tarot readings with Inbal and though both were enjoyable and interesting at the time, both later absolutely blew my mind wide open. They were so dead on and directional about life circumstances that I did not see coming that it was almost eerie. They were so well done and subtle that the reading itself wasn’t jarring but upon recollection of that reading during the next life phase (within a couple of weeks) I was struck by a bolt of lightning that cracked open the understanding and depth of the reading as it pertained to my life. It gave me the tools to see the paths through the experience and for that I am grateful. I look forward to our next reading!
— Kristine
My tarot readings with Inbal were wonderful experiences and I definitely will be back. Inbal is very compassionate and I felt very comfortable with her. It surprises many people I know that I go for Tarot readings. I am a large data/high math analyst and I tend much more towards the empirical than the spiritual in my day to day life. However, I find Tarot readings an excellent way to focus thought. In fact, depending on the particular issue at hand it can be a better experience than traditional therapy. A therapists’ job is usually to “fix” where as a Tarot readers’ is more to guide. Inbal is an amazing guide and I would recommend her to anyone — even — perhaps especially — to my atheist empirical friends.
— Darcy
I left my tarot reading with Inbal with a greater sense of awareness and a spiritual connection to the universe. Inbal did such an amazing job of leading me through the process and helping me to understand each card. I feel like each card was being pulled from something deep down I already knew- and Inbal was helping guide these dreams,ideas,strengths, and fears, to the surface. I highly recommend that everyone examine their journey through tarot with Inbal, it is life changing!
— Amber
Inbal’s reading gave me inspiration and new perspectives to continue in finding the answers I am looking for. The knowledgable and mystical way she delivered the message, made the reading positive, real and fun. I found that all the cards directly related to where I was in my life journey at the time and that she was able to elaborate on that very well. My first Tarot reading was a great experience and I am glad it was done with Inbal.
— Flavia