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Integrate Body, Mind, & Soul.


A tool for Empowerment

Tarot cards help to initiate an inner dialog and ultimately serve to empower us. They accurately and deeply reflect our feelings, thoughts, fears, dreams and aspirations. Each of the 78 cards represent a different aspect of ourselves and when laid out during a reading, serve to illuminate various layers of our current situation.

The symbols and images come to life as they tell us our own story: what moves us, where we’re coming from and where we’re heading. Seeing this image of ourselves can reveal clarity and provide motivation like a compass that can help guide us on our paths. The cards portray a "snap shot" of our current state, if we don’t like what we see we can choose to change it!

My Style

I offer intuitive readings, I have a deep relationship with the symbols, images and archetypes of the cards, they inspire me and I work with them and my intuition to help guide you.

  • I like to keep things simple and crystal clear.
  • My readings are down to earth.
  • I aim to provide practical advice, action items and a big picture view of what you're going through and how to best navigate.
  • My goal is to inspire and empower you! 


IN PERSON DEEP READING (over Skype or Google Hangouts):
60 min reading - $65
90 min reading - $80
Over 90 min - $80 + $1 per minute after 90 mins

5-6 cards In-depth reading- $35

  • Payment readings via Venmo or Paypal


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For In-Person readings I will contact you via  email to schedule a time. 

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