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Learn Tarot

Photo by Ana Grillo © 2014

Photo by Ana Grillo © 2014

Learning to read Tarot is a super fun and fascinating journey!

For a couple of years I tried learning Tarot by reading books and surfing the web. I accumulated a lot of info, but couldn't really piece it all together and I didn't feel comfortable or confident giving readings.

When I finally found a teacher, everything changed!

My teacher taught me a logical and comprehensive approach to reading and understanding the cards.
Ultimately, what I learned helped me develop a personal relationship with the archetypes and I began to develop my own style of reading.

This is what I teach. We each have our own unique outlook on life and a unique way to help and guide others. Tarot is incredible tool to do just this! 

  • You will receive a write-up of each lesson

  • Each lesson is 60 mins long

  • It'll take about 10-15 lessons to cover all of the cards and learn how to work with them (but you don't have to commit to any amount)

  • It's most effective to be consistent with lessons. Once a week or every other week is ideal.

  • Lessons take place in my private studio in Oakland or via Skype and cost $60 each.

To schedule a lesson send me a message via the contact page.
If you'd like to chat about this, please send me a message and add your phone number and we can chat!