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Crystals and Stones - The Magical Connection

Hello my crystal lovin’ friends!


Again we meet on this magical journey into the world of crystals!
I’m so glad that you’re here!

In last week's post I went over what we have to offer our stone friends, I mentioned that whenever I get a new stone, I like to have a heart to heart chat with it and let it know that I'm here to support its journey just as much as its supporting mine. I tell my stones to let me know what they want, and if I don't get it, to bare with me and tell me again and again until I pick up on its message. I always promise to do the best I can to be of aid.

One thing that I’ve always found fascinating is how we come to our stones and how they come to us. It’s almost like meeting a new friend or lover. Everything magically aligns and BAM - a connection is made.

This week I thought I’d share a personal experience I’ve had with giving one of my favorite stones away and receiving one of my most sacred stones.

Gifting one of my faves

I had just gotten this beautiful tumbled black tourmaline stone and I loved it. I loved how it felt in my hand, the shape of it and it’s shiny black color, I was really into it!

A few days after I had purchased the stone, I had a Reiki client come over for a treatment. During the treatment I felt a strong urge to place the stone in her right hand, when I did I felt strong energetic pulses going up her arm. It almost felt like I had just placed a puzzle piece in the exact right spot.  

After the treatment, my client told me that the stone in her hand felt amazing. I had a hunch that I should give her that stone, but, I didn’t want to give the stone away, so I ignored it. Then she said it felt like a missing piece to her puzzle and the second it touched her hand she felt whole. Right then I knew I had to give it to her. I just knew that the stone was asking to go home with her, so, I gifted it to her.

A couple weeks later she reached out to me and let me know that she took the stone with her when she went traveling to see her husband’s family. She was very concerned about this trip because she usually doesn’t get along with her father in law, she gets very tense and combative around him. But, this time was different, she felt grounded, safe and calm and it was a good visit!

It felt great to know that she benefited from the stone, and that the stone got to fulfill it’s purpose.

Receiving one of my faves

Last year I went to Burning Man (woo!), my husband and I go with a camp each year and we LOVE it. One night we were out and walking around with a group of friends from our camp and wandered from one art installation to another.

At one point we came to a pretty simple, no thrills installation. It looked like a tree house on wooden poles. I climbed up and it was a little meditation nook. It had windows in it and on each window was a huge crystal. I of course got really excited, but the gang that I was with wasn’t really into crystals and wanted to move on and keep exploring. As we walked away I started chatting with one of my camp-mates about how much I LOVE crystals and how subtle yet powerful their energies are.

Two days later, I went back to the little crystal tree house with my tarot cards and some of my crystals and gifted readings to whoever climbed up. It was a magical afternoon and I had so much fun! When I arrived back at my camp, my camp-mate got really excited and told me to stay put and that he has something for me. He came back with an amazing crystal wrapped up in a protective cloth. He gave it to me and said “this is for you!”.

This is the stone that I was gifted!

This is the stone that I was gifted!

I was stunned and he was amused. He told me that the night before he was hanging out with some friends and they were standing around when all of a sudden a guy rides his bike right up to him, stops his bike and hands him the wrapped up crystal. The only thing he said was “This is for you” and then he rode away. When he realized that he was just handed a crystal he immediately knew that he wanted to give it to me. So he did! And let me tell you… it was LOVE at first sight! I was so giddy and couldn’t stop admiring my new crystal!

I’ve now had this crystal for over a year and I’m still obsessed with it! I use it in almost every Reiki session I have with clients and I meditate with it almost everyday! I feel like it opens a door to whole different dimension and is just so magical!


So, I guess what I’d like to encourage here is to be open and generous with your stones. If you feel like it’s time for a stone to move on, let it!

Keep you channels open, after all, who knows what stone will magically find its way to you!

That’s where we’ll stop for now and next week we’ll dive into some ways to meditate with your stones!


Thanks again for being here and blessings to you,



I’d love to hear from you, what do you give to your stones? Do you feel like your stones are your allies and friends? Do you have questions? Are there any specific topics you’d like me to cover?

Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email!


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