Yoga, Meditation & Tarot with Inbal

Happy body, bright mind, peaceful spirit.

The Teacher Awakens

This past weekend I had the privilege of teaching my very first yoga teacher training. I was excited, very prepared and basically bursting at the seams ready to share my practice.


It’s been a long journey with lots of ups and downs, including two whole years of no formal practice and no teaching. None the less, here I am. I feel like the teacher within myself is slowly beginning to awaken. This teacher, my teacher is all of a sudden slipping in valuable lessons in my daily life and even while I sleep and I’m finally ready to receive them.

I bow to the teacher within myself, I can feel my teacher awaken in my body and in each and every cell. I confess to my teacher that I am loyal, very committed, insanely curious and sometimes even over ambitious. I beg my teacher to be patient and compassionate with me when I lose my way or misunderstand.

I thank myself so deeply for having the audacity to show up and attempt to engage with this practice even thought it can be so confusing. I honor myself for my dedication to stick with it, even when I feel like an imposture and am filled with frustration.

Nothing can compare to being fully here, now, present and complete.

Onward on our journey, all I can say is: don’t give up, keep showing up and you just might surprise yourself.